April 9, 2020

Future of food

Future Food Series’ first event took place in Berlin on March 11 hosted by Proveg Incubator and NX Food bringing experts together to talk about the alternative protein sources. Our co-founder Csaba Hetenyi had the pleasure to represent Plantcraft, discussing topics on health, sustainability and the environment.

First and foremost, we think that isolating a macronutrient and discussing it separately is becoming the habit of the past and we’ll soon only be talking about the future of food as a whole, not just protein. 
There needs to be more focus on other nutrients, especially phytonutrients, minerals and even fiber that are abundantly present in a varied whole food plant-based diet. After all, we never hear about cases of protein-deficiency, while the overconsumption of saturated fat, processed animal-based foods is far the biggest contributor to the deadliest chronic illnesses humanity now faces on a global level. 

At Plantcraft we develop minimally processed plant-based foods that have an excellent nutrient profile while staying away from harmful artificial ingredients, additives, and even allergens like soy, gluten or nuts. 
Beyond personal diet considerations, of course, plant-based proteins will enjoy preference over animal products in people’s choices and we can expect systemic changes due to sustainability, environmental, and even public health considerations. 

Just to mention an example, intensive animal agriculture is responsible for quickly spreading zoonotic diseases such as the current coronavirus – often pigs, chickens on overcrowded farms that the media calls “intermediate carriers” between wildlife and humans. This, coupled with the growing antibiotic resistance, also due to over administering this life-saving drug to farmed animals, forms a perfect storm and a deadly threat to communities. 
We believe the future of food is plant-based, whether we are talking about protein, or other macro and micronutrients or fibers. There is more than enough for our growing population, we just need to use our creativity and ingenuity to create foods that are good for us, good for the planet but also tasty, affordable and easily available. 

And that’s what Plantcraft is set out to do with our clean label deli range.