May 2, 2021

Vegan Deli Meat Startup Plantcraft Launches Clean Label Plant-Based Pâté Line

Plantcraft, a newly launched plant-based clean label deli meat startup, has debuted their first pâté products. Coming in two flavour varieties, the new vegan-friendly pâté alternatives made nutritious and unique plant-based protein ingredients are slated to hit U.S. retail shelves in May as the company gears up to expand their range in the coming months. 

New York-based startup Plantcraft has just launched its first product line of creamy plant-based pâté, coming in two flavours – spicy and mild. The food tech, which claims to be the world’s first company dedicated to developing clean labelled vegan deli alternatives, uses a diverse range of nutritious plant-based, allergen-free and grain-free ingredients. 

The all-natural pâté alternatives are made from green banana, golden linseed, grapeseed oil, legume-based protein and natural flavourings such as onion, garlic and cayenne pepper, and contains no artificial ingredients. Both products are free from all the main allergens, including nuts, gluten, grains, soy, dairy and eggs.

“We’re leading a transformation to move people away from a reliance on animal products, and awaken them to the impacts of their choices.” – Kati Ohens, Co-Founder & CEO, Plantcraft

Plantcraft says their brand caters to the growing demand for healthier plant-based alternatives that both “deliver taste and texture while incorporating whole ingredients and eschewing processed ingredients,” especially as consumers get increasingly savvy at detecting long ingredient lists and “unclean” labels. 

It’s a trend that existing plant-based brands on the market have had to evolve and adapt to, such as moves made by food tech giant Beyond Meat to reformulate its famous vegan burger with a 35% lower fat and calorie content, and Heura’s new patties that slashes fat content by nearly two-thirds compared to its conventional counterparts.  Plantcraft’s newest products will be initially rolled out at the Pop Up Grocer in Chicago, before landing on retail shelves in California in Erewhon Markets.

The anticipated launch comes two years after the ProVeg Incubator alumni startup was founded by Hungary native and commercial banking executive Csaba Hetenyi and Auckland-based Kati Ohens, who came to realise that the food formulation technology they were using to create pasta could be used to develop plant-based meat alternatives that could help consumers make healthier and more environmentally-friendly dietary choices. 

“We’re leading a transformation to move people away from a reliance on animal products, and awaken them to the impacts of their choices,” explained co-founder and CEO Ohens. 

Speaking to Green Queen Media about the company’s technology, Plantcraft’s director of trade and consumer marketing Jonny Hochschild says that the team is drawing from an “array of existing and new food science technologies” to develop their range of vegan deli meats, which the brand plans to expand in the coming months.

“Pepperoni slices are next on our list.” – Jonny Hochschild, Director of Trade & Consumer Marketing, Plantcraft

“Our single focus [is] bringing to life a range of nutritious and delicious plant-based deli meat alternatives, from deli slices to hot dogs, sausages, pepperoni, and pâtés,” said Hochschild, who revealed that the next product in their line-up will be a plant-based pepperoni. 

Currently, the startup is fuelled by seed investment from Hungary-based X-Ventures, becoming the venture capital fund’s first-ever plant-based investment. 

“They are big believers in our brand,” Hochschild told Green Queen Media. “They are a great investment group and very helpful in supporting our growth.” 

With its first product launch underway, Plantcraft told us that they plan to start raising new funds in the “next couple of months”, particularly from investors who are “ingrained in sustainability or food industries” to drive the next stage of growth.